DCS adapts to a climate of change

18 Nov 2020

DCS’ success over the past 25 years hasn’t been built on supplying to large grocery retailers. Instead, DCS works closely with wholesalers, convenience stores, beauty chains and discount shops for sales and distribution and launched its own brand products, Enliven, from its own factory in Stratford-upon-Avon.

This business model put DCS Group in a unique position when Covid-19 struck. On the one hand, its products, which included items such as toilet rolls and hand sanitiser, were very much in demand. But on the other, DCS had to work hard to ensure its supplies were still able to reach the UK.

From opening the new factory to innovating new invoicing procedures online during the pandemic, DCS Group has met each challenge by having a management structure and shareholder base that enables it to make decisions quickly.

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